Lab Alumni

Former Graduate Students

Jennifer Lay, B.A. Hons., B.Sc., M.A., Ph.D

Dr. Jennifer Lay is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She received her Ph.D from the University of British Columbia in 2018. Her research centers on social engagement and disengagement and how individuals make sense of their felt experiences. For example, “How does personality shape how we remember our emotions?” and “When and for whom is solitude conducive to wellbeing and prosociality?” She combines time sampling, photovoice, and experimental methods to study daily life processes among students and community- dwelling older adults. Some of her current work looks at cultural and migration influences shaping the relationship between solitude and mental health among older adults in Canada and Hong Kong. Jennifer’s work was supported by a Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship awarded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) of Canada.

Lea WilhelmB.Sc.

Lea was a visiting research student from the Master of Clinical and Health Psychology Program at the Freie Universitaet Berlin. She was visiting the Health and Adult Development Lab for a research internship for 5 months. Being interested in all aspects of health, especially in older adults, Lea worked in a project on social interactions between partners and health behaviours. She was also researching mechanisms behind health and well-being in old age in community-dwelling adults.

Amy Ho, B.A. Hons., M.A.
Laura Booi, B.A., M.A.
Loni Slade, B.Sc., M.A. 

Former Lab Managers

Kevin Chi, B.A.

Kevin graduated from UBC with a BA in Psychology and minor in Education. He worked as a lab manager in the Health and Adult Development Lab from 2015 to 2019. His research interests focus on understanding the behavioural mechanisms linking everyday social interactions to health and well-being. Kevin has received several awards and scholarships, including the 2019 Psi Chi Distinguished Undergraduate Research Award, 2017 Peter Crocker Award in Psychology (awarded to the most outstanding undergraduate student in Health Psychology at UBC) and the Quinn Research Assistantship Award in 2017 and 2018.

Former Study Coordinators

Stella Baehring, B.A. Hons.

Stella was the study coordinator for the PULSE study. She graduated with a BA Psychology (Honors) from UBC. Stella’s research interests include population health and chronic illness, which motivated her to stay closely involved with the PULSE study. She is currently a graduate student working with Dr. James Johnson in the Department of Cellular and Physiological Sciences at UBC.


Former Research Assistants   

Isabelle Mianelli Fortuna (Izzie)

Izzie graduated from UBC with a major in Behavioural Neuroscience and a minor in Health and Society. She is interested in how sociocultural factors influence health, especially how social support and education play a role in illness prevention and recovery. Izzie has received the Work Learn International Undergraduate Research Award (2018 & 2019). Izzie was recently featured on “People of UBC”.


Phileas Heim

Phileas is a visiting international research student who graduated in Psychology at the Free University of Berlin. He is interested in relationships between physical and mental health and hopes to pursue graduate studies in clinical psychology. Outside of the lab, he enjoys spending time outdoors especially going on hiking and camping trips.


Johanna Bock

Johanna is a visiting international research student who is finishing her Master in Psychology. She is interested in factors that facilitate a healthy development throughout the lifespan, with special focus on the relationship between physical activity and cognitive outcomes. Her favorite place in Vancouver is Burrard Bridge, looking out on everything the city offers – sea, mountains and skyscrapers.

Sarah Park, B.Sc.

Jennifer Phan

Robyn Ma

Leanne Yeung, B.A.
Sarah May, B.A.
Maggie Zhou, B.Sc.
Janice Tong, B.A.
James Ou, B.A.
Richelle-Joy Chia, B.A.
Renyu Jiang, B.A.
Samantha Chong, B.A.
Esther Dang, B.A.
Menchi Liu, B.A.
Emily Siu, B.A.
Dania Salih, B.A.
Manjot Khosah, B.Sc.
Ian Lin, B.A.
Leigh Chu, B.A.
Leanne Huang, B.A.
Setareh Shayanfar, B.A.
Olga Klein, B.A.
Kaidi Liu, B. Kin.
Jessica Lee, B.A.
Hayley Schwarz, B.A,
Abisheikh Sharma, B.Sc.
Branden Brar, B.Kin.
Zorry Belchev, B.A.
Kendra Mack, B.A.
Jennifer Chun, B.A.
Carly Burton, B.A.
Marie Sproule, B.A.
Roy Zhou, B.A.
Rachel Wu, B.A.
Dorna Rahimi, B.A. Hons.
Melanie DiMenna, B.A.
Meghan Buckley, B.A.
Quinton Booher, B.Sc.
Jessica Lee, B.A.
Tracey Ma, B.A.
Anna Lusted, B.A.
Antony Au, B.Sc.
Darren Wong, B.Sc.
Kevin Huang, B.Sc.
Mei Lai, B.Sc.