Research Assistants


Andrea Chen

Andrea is a fourth-year psychology and education student at UBC, and is  currently a research assistant for the Allies in Health Study. She is interested in research related  to developmental psychology, child psychology, and social psychology- particularly the  interaction of culture on the development of children from mixed-race backgrounds. Andrea hopes to pursue graduate study in counseling psychology. Outside of the lab, Andrea enjoys dancing, cooking, and playing with her roommate’s pet bunny. 

Kevin Wang 

Kevin is a third year undergraduate student in microbiology and immunology and behavioural neuroscience. He is currently working with the Allies in Health Study as a research assistant. He is interested in epidemiology, health and developmental psychology such as the development of health strategies including mental health that can contribute to the improvement of the quality of health in a diverse population. Kevin is hoping to study health science and public health in graduate school. He is an avid outdoor enthusiast and enjoys hiking in the outdoors of BC.

Amanda Nguyen

Amanda is a fourth year undergraduate student in psychology and is currently a research assistant for the Allies in Health Study. She is interested in optimal aging and the sociocultural influences on health and wellbeing. Outside of the lab, Amanda loves to cook, practice yoga and read comics on Webtoon.

Michael Min

Michael is a 3rd-year undergraduate biology major and psychology minor. Research interest in psychiatry and clinical psychology. Enjoys swimming and photography.

Mali McHugh 

Mali is an undergraduate student majoring in psychology, with interests in clinical psychology and neuropsychology. Along with human psychology, Mali also loves cute furry animals, especially large cats and dogs.

Melody Shayanfar

Hiro Ito